About Shellie...

The “Magic Behind the Glasses”

I’ve had the pleasure of helping clients all throughout Chicago build their wardrobes for over 25 years. In 2012, TCW showcased one-third of my clients as Chicago’s most stylish women, the Global Communications Director for Nike Women refers to me as a “fashion muse”, and I’m known in many circles as “a secret weapon”.

I’ve even had the honor of choosing the pieces worn by First Lady Michelle Obama on the Jay Leno Show.

I enjoy helping my clients try new & different pieces, have more fun with colors/patterns/accessories, and to feel fresh, confident & stylish when they get dressed every day. 

I also strive to educate on how to build a complete wardrobe of pieces you’ll actually wear, finding & investing in quality items that will last over time, and caring for your items properly so they look their best when you wear them.

I don’t believe you always need to buy more pieces to complete your wardrobe. It’s about learning how to use what you already have, knowing when to purge what you don’t wear, and filling in the select missing pieces instead.

One of my favorite ways to add something unique and special to your wardrobe is to incorporate a custom-made piece.  I was inspired to start creating my hand-painted projects for myself & my clients fell in love with them.  I enjoy making projects tailored to each of my client’s needs to really make their wardrobe truly special.

Your wardrobe shouldn’t stress you out or bring you down – getting dressed can be your favorite part of your day with the right help to show you how.

If you’re done wasting money on the same black outfits, grey sweaters, trendy items that don’t last, and pieces you don’t know how to wear… then book your free consultation & we’ll find the right package to finally transform your closet & your life.